Frequently Asked Questions


We HIGHLY advise you EAT AFTER your VR session.

Imagine moving around while bloated, sluggish. These games are demanding, and even on a low level, you will be active. That stuff you ate - will start turning in your stomach. Please eat afterwards.

Should I eat before I play?

Ages Allowed?

4yr’s & Up!

Regarding the age groups of 4 to 8 year old’s (Basic comprehension is req to grasp game buttons to play)

If child lacks comprehension, it would be best for them to avoid VR games with lot’s of buttons, for this will frustrate them.

They can always come back and play these kinds of games as they develop comprehension. All is not lost - we can put them in a virtual reality cartoony area and that alone is VERY fun!

WATCHFUL EYE: Parents and/or Guardians, it’s your job to watch your children. We of course do our best, however this responsibility falls completely under the care of the guardian(s).

Virtual Reality dangerous?

Virtual Reality is safe. No side effects or health risks involved using VR.

That said, if you catch motion sickness, dizzyness, or irratable eyes - Please notify us immediately - we need to be aware of that.

Absolutely! We have a many games/experiences that are Wheel Chair Accessible.  For the kinds of games/experiences in this area, Please visit our GAMES page here on our site, by clicking here seated -> SEATED (Once inside the link, scroll down and look for the SEATED category)

Wheel Chair Accessible?

No smoking allowed, No Vaporing - No smoke of any kind real or artificial.


do you accept checks?

Debit, Credit or Cash only.

Absolutely! We've had families bring professional photographers for family portrait sessions.

can we take pictures?


Of course! We appreciate all forms of exposure. Please be mindful & courteous of customers around or near you. They may not want to be in your stream or you may be too loud interfering with their bubble of fun.

livestream to my Social media?


Clean & Germ Free Environment to the best of our Abilities and we have abilities!

  • We have our consumers sanitize their hands prior to every session with our anti-bacterial sanitizing liquid.

  • We provide our consumer’s a fresh new face mask on every visit.

  • We wear gloves prior to interacting with our consumers.

  • We clean every headset, controller and wipe all lenses after every session with anti-bacterial alcohol wipes.

  • Health, Cleanliness & Well being for our consumer’s and us, is part of our decree.


We would never record footage or take Photos without our customer’s explicit persmission. We always ask. All photos and videos you see have our customers permission.

Don’t Want Photos/Videos Taken?

Any More Questions?